Welcome to SeedsIO

My name is Shaun, you might know me as ChilliChump. I built SeedsIO to help manage (and show off!) your plants, from seed right through to harvest.

What is SeedsIO?

SeedsIO is a Gardening Companion application that will help you keep track of your plants and plan out your season using features like the seed tray tool. It is useful for every type of gardener, whether you are growing chilli peppers, tomatoes, Bonsai trees or flowers.

When did SeedsIO come to be?

I starting building the SeedsIO concept to help manage my chilli plants through the season. I have been using the core application throughout 2021 and found it more useful than I originally imagined. I quickly realised that it would be useful to others as well, AND not just for chilli plants!

While shifting the focus so that others could get value from SeedsIO, I began developing the idea further and ended up with the SeedsIO you see today! There are still many other planned features in the pipeline.

Interested in getting involved with SeedsIO?

My Patreons have been instrumental in beta testing new features and functions. Join up today if you are interested in giving a hand with testing, coding etc!

I have made every endeavour to bring you a solid piece of software that is both fun and useful, but bugs may creep in (as long as they aren't aphids!). Please let me know if you come across any issues. I also look forward to your feedback, questions or suggestions.

Its Free! Register today, and Grow With Us.

Get yourself registered (Its Free!) and take a look around! The platform should be intuitive to use, but you can always get in touch if you get stuck. I hope you enjoy using SeedsIO!

- Shaun



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